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Frequently Ask Questions

Is porn or other such ADs allowed? - Top

No. Porn, scams or anti-goverment or anti-religious Ads are forbidden from This includes banners, text ads or ANY type of AD submitted to If it is found you are trying to promote Porn or the mentioned forbidden subject material, you will be deleted and your IP Address added to our banned list.

Such material is forbidden, because too many users of our AD network get very upset in seeing anything remotely related. So, please save yourself some time, and do not even try to do it. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
What is Free AD Planet? - Top

Free AD Planet is a place to do Free effective Advertising to the planet! This is how the system works, because who has time these days?
  1. Create a Free Account. Your privacy like last name and email are kept private.
  2. Our system is Double Optin, so no worries about spam.
  3. Once logged in you can...
    1. Submit Text ADs.
    2. Submit Logo and Text AD combos called Bill Board ADs.
    3. Submit Targeted Text ADs.
    4. Submit Exit ADs which people see when they log out or mail out.
  4. Credit Based, so people that participate are rewarded.
  5. People that do not participate get 'Credit Drain' and their ADs become invisible.
  6. Build your Downline and earn 20-30% commissions on each purchase they make.
  7. Mail your Downline every couple days.
If an AD system allows everyone to post an AD then run away, the consequence will be that everyone will do the same thing and no one will pay attention to any of the ADs. (Including your ADs.) This post and run behavior is counter productive.

This is not a Post 'n Run system/website. Tell me what benefit would that be if everyone was doing the same thing? We entice people to return because, if they do not, their ADs will become invisible. You keep your ADs visible to the public by SIMPLY...
  • Having Credits in your Account. (Earn them by viewing ADs. Takes only seconds.)
You benefit by knowing others are doing the same thing in order to Earn Credits! Give and Take is a phrase we have all learned that works.

Free AD Planet wants to help you succeed by allowing you a way to Advertise to others.
Can I use this service with (Planet X Mail)? - Top

Yes. Free AD Planet and Planet X Mail were produced by the same company. We have arranged it so PRO Members can easily Transfer Credits Earned at to be used at This means you can Advertise using effective Email Advertising ( and compliment that with Classified Style Advertising (
Does Free AD Planet and Planet X Mail use the same Credit System? - Top

No. Please, do not mistake Planet X Mail ( with Free AD Planet ( We get a lot of confused folks that tend to mix the two sites up. Each site has it's own Credit System and Member Accounts! As mentioned before it is possible to transfer Planet X Mail Credits to a Free AD Planet Account. This is the only connection between the two sites. We think the mix up occurs because the word 'planet' appears in both domain names. It is also true that both sites use similar styles with regards to how Credits are Earned and how the Earning System looks.
Will I receive a ton of Email from Members? - Top

No. We do not put our focus on Email Advertising. The main focus is to Earn Credits by viewing Classified style ADs. These Credits can then be used to supply you with more options... like posting more of your own ADs!

This site was created to compliment Planet X Mail Safelist Services. You can transfer Credits you earned at to your Free AD Planet Account!
Is this service really FREE? - Top

Yes. To sign up costs you nothing. Yet, as a Free Member you can still Earn Commissions from those that do decide to Upgrade or Purchase additional ADs and services. If, you build a Downline of people and they start Upgrading and/or Purchasing additional Services you earn a whopping 10-20%.
Will my Email Address or Info be sold out? - Top

Absolutely Not. Even your Sponsor does not know your Email Address. Our system allows people to Advertise safely. Free AD Planet itself will never give out any information to other AD Agencies. We run the Top SafeList Host on the Planet with Hundreds of Thousands of accounts since 2001 and have never been in trouble with Privacy or SPAM Laws. This is because we are not in it for any short term gains. In fact, we are here to help you succeed at Advertising your Products and Services. Without active members, we could not exist.
Why do I get kicked out when trying to Log-In? - Top

The privacy settings in your Web Browser are too low. 95% of all Web sites require cookies; therefore, if you select a setting that does not allow cookies to be saved on your computer, you might not be able to view certain Web sites. Basically, any Web site that you log into using a Username and Password uses Cookies.

Cookies are completely harmless, pose no security threat and are simply a way for a Web Site to know who is visiting the site by placing small bits of data on your computer to identify you from others. Mainly used for secure log ins to web sites.

Internet Explorer users Click Here.

We highly recommend you use FireFox Web Browser instead. It is free to download and use and is more standards compliant then Internet Explorer. Remember Netscape web browser a few years back? Well through monopoly tactics Internet Explorer was forced upon us. FireFox (post Netscape) was made free of charge and is now used by 30% + of all Internet surfers and growing. FireFox is an international web browser following international standards, unlike Internet Explorer. You can view the updated browser usage statistics, if interested.

Free AD Planet, of course, works in both web browsers. Including Safari (Mac) and Opera.